The “Superfruit”

“Superfruit” properties

These little berries are delicious! They are enjoyed as a dessert, in cereal bowls, in juices, plain or simply spread on your toasts. No matter if they are wild, fresh, frozen or transformed into exquisite artisanal products, blueberries have beneficial effects on health.

Particularly enriched in vitamin C, this blue pearl is filled with antioxidants and eating the fruit helps to prevent several diseases. Blueberries also have many virtues that help to prevent disorders of advanced aging such as cardiovascular diseases, some cancers, problems with balance or coordination, in addition to being a highly effective natural anti-inflammatory.

Studies have demonstrated that the blueberry plays an effective preventative role in the fight against Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease while having the power to attenuate some symptoms. Blueberry can prevent urinary infections. Also, we can notice the benefits of blueberries on the vision, reducing eye strain, improving night vision and preventing blindness.

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