ÉCONOMUSÉE® of the Jam Maker: Wild Blueberry

Renowned for its know-how, Délices de Lac-Saint-Jean is a member of the Économusée® network and thus gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the profession of jam maker. Discover the history of the family and its methods of production, manufacture and the history of the wild blueberry and what makes it the emblem of our beautiful and great region.


What is an ÉCONOMUSÉE?

The Économusée® network's mission is to promote and perpetuate traditional trades and know-how throughout the world. It brings together craft businesses or agribusinesses that open their doors to the public to offer an interactive, recreational and enriching experience. Visit the artisans of the Économusée® network, learn about their history, their traditional production techniques, their contemporary products that are full of identity and originality. Discover the Artisans at work!


Visit their website to find out more: www.economusees.com


Our guided tours are offered at the cost of 5,99$ including a delicious slice of wild blueberry pie.



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