Sustainable Development Policy

Our company is resolutely based on responsible values. Our contribution to the sustainable development of our region takes its essence from the very heart of our mission and the meaning we give it. The promotion of wild blueberries by transforming them into high-end food products and our responsible tourism offer contribute to the development and reputation of our region. The consideration of economic, social and environmental impacts guides all of our activities and our decision-making. The search for excellence leads us to work with superior quality organic products.

In compliance with laws, policies and regulations, the objectives and sub-objectives of Délices du Lac-Saint-Jean's sustainable development policy guide, with a view to continuous improvement, its activities according to these five axes:


IMPROVE Continuously the Eco-design 

  • Improve communication with consumers, particularly with regard to the layout of packaging;
  • Make sure to use the most suitable and ecological packaging possible;
  • Stimulate innovation in accordance with our family and responsible values.


COOPERATE with its Stakeholders 

  • Put in place the appropriate means to consult and mobilize its employees;
  • Ensure a continuous dialogue with its main external stakeholders;
  • Get involved humanly and financially in the community.


SUPPLY Responsibly

  • Develop advanced decision supporting tools that intergrate responsible procurement criteria;
  • Put in place the necessary tools to ensure rigorous monitoring of its supplies.


SEE TO Health and Well-being

  • Minimize the risk of work accidents;
  • Educate employees on good practices in health and safety at work;
  • Acquire equipment to accommodate cycle tourists in optimal conditions;
  • Set up structured recognition mechanisms for employees;
  • Make the facility accessible to people with disabilities.


REDUCE Environmental Impact

  • Implement actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Implement measures to manage raw materials and residual materials according to the 4R principle (reduce, reuse, recycle, recover);
  • Favor organic and fair trade products;
  • Distribute products from our region;
  • Make the facility accessible to people with disabilities.