Our Organization

Driven by entrepreneurial values and eager to promote products inspired by the richness of our region, it was enough for the three women at the head of the company to take over Délices du Lac-Saint-Jean.
Their unconditional love for the blue pearl combined with the desire to take up new challenges within a common dream united them.
The complementarity of their personalities breathes a breath of fresh air into this company, which places blueberries at the center of all their projects.



Émilie Gaudreault

Marketing, Sales and Business Development

Woman of Project

E-mail:  emilie@delicesdulac.com

Visionary, quick-witted, leadership “One idea does not wait for another in the head of this regionalist. »


Marie-Soleil Gaudreault

Investor and adviser on sale. 

Woman of Reason

E-mail:  mariesoleil@delicesdulac.com 


Lisette Paré

Project manager and sales consultant 

Woman of Creation

Meticulous, methodical, attention to detail "Her secret: sprinkle happiness into each of her creations."


Marie-Michelle Théberge

 Accounting and Management 

E-mail: marie-michelle@delicesdulac.com

Analytical, rigorous and good judgment “Looking for balance, numbers and smart choices are her cup of tea. »



Marianne Rousseau

Production Manager

Funny, smiling, and full of solutions. This woman with a thousand and one talents never neglects the quality of her work. She combines both strength and softness. 


Lyne Théberge

Assistant cook, pastry cook 

Sweet, loving, generous. Lyne is our quiet beacon, our great wisdom and our embodied reliability. 


Andrée Theberge

Assistant cook, pastry cook 

Authentic, dynamic and comical. Youngest to join the team. She is versatile and hardworking.


Although our team is complete at the moment, we are constantly analyzing applications. Contact us if you would like to join us! 

emilie@delicesdulac.com or 418-515-0359